Monday, June 4, 2012

Chapter One and Italian Night

We will not be meeting again until Friday, June 15th.  Your fearless leader should be in Atlanta and not stuck in an airport in Florida.  We will be going through Chapter One, Your First Step Into a Larger World.  We will also be reviewing the Path of a Hero handout. 

Prayer Requests:
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Cheryl had interviews last week so please pray for her.
  • Cheryl's Mom is traveling so please pray for traveling graces.
  • Heather's company is doing layoffs please pray that she is unaffected.
  • Mark C.'s sister left her husband and is without a job. She needs our prayers for work as well as to get through this tough time in her life.
  • April's uncle has terminal throat cancer.  Her aunt also has terminal cancer.  Please pray for April's family.
  • Rose's sister-in-law has a baby due any day.  Please pray for the baby's safe delivery.
  • Stephanie's baby Ashtyn to continue to grow and be a healthy little angel.

What's Cookin'
  • Meat Lasagna - Israel's
  • Veggie Lasagna - Starnes
  • Dessert - Chastain's
  • Salad - Smith's
  • Garlic Bread - Ozee's
  • Side Dish - Stephanie


  1. The Chastains will bring Hershey Bar pie

  2. stephanie can bring a side dish like green beans or can make an oreo dirt cake.