Monday, April 29, 2013

It's a Wrap

We finished Taking Care of Business on Friday night.  It was an enlightening series.  We hope you enjoyed it.

Prayer Requests:
  • Susan Holly - prayer for clarity and strength to do a good job on her assignment
  • David Holly is in Florida visiting his parents.  Please pray he has a restful time and for good traveling graces.
  • Pray for Ashley to be healed from cancer
  • Please continue to pray for the Nicaragua mission trip
  • Please pray for Jacob to get back into church
  • Please pray for Paula to be on fire for Jesus
  • Chrisha needs continued prayer for her job situation
  • Please continue to pray for Rose as she is under a lot of job stress
  • Valerie needs our prayer as she continues her recovery from surgery.
As a reminder The Starnes' are taking the summer off from teaching Connect Group. 

See you all soon.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Session Six and Taco Night

This is the last night of this series.  We will be covering Session Six and having a taco bar.  Please let us know what you plan to bring to compliment the meal.

Prayer Requests:
  • Mr. Mote has been in intensive care
  • Christina's (Heather's author friend) dad passed away.
  • Holly's friend Weston who is very ill
  • Chrisha job
  • Douglas is being picked on
  • Nicaragua Mission Trip
  • Valerie's continued healing
  • CRCT for the kids this week
What's Cookin'?

Taco Bar!

Please let us know what you plan to bring to compliment the meal.

One pound ground turkey meat - The Salter's
One box of 12 taco shells - The Salter's
Mexican Rice - The Ozee's
Dessert - The Israel's


Monday, April 15, 2013


Rerun?  What?  Yes, we are going to rerun Session Five this week.  It sparked a lot of great conversation and we had some folks out so we want to make sure we all get to hear Session Five.

Prayer Requests:
  • Valerie - healing after surgery
  • April is not well.  Please pray for her to feel better.
  • David and Stephanie- traveling graces to get back home safely
  • Jacob Holly- moving out and to establish himself well complete with finding a church home
  • Isabel - follow up on no clarity for chest pains and headaches
  • CRCT for our kids next two weeks
  • Nicaragua trip and funding
  • Paula- development of relationship with Jesus
  • Heather said PRAISE GOD
  • Ashley Hester- pray for healing for cancer
  • Karla Wagner- Brad’s family after the death of sister
  • Chrisha's job
What's Cookin'?
Veggie and Meat Lasagna - The Israel's
Brownies - The Salter's
Garlic Bread - The Ozee's

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Session Five and Breakfast for Dinner

We will be covering session five on Friday night. 
  • Stephanie likes her new job.
  • Tiffany made it to group. 
  • Heather's art classes are filling up.

Prayer Requests
  • Chrisha's job situation
  • Nicaragua mission
  • Valerie's surgery went well.  Please pray for her healing.
  • Tiffany is scheduled for an ultrasound.  Please pray for her as she finds answers to her unexplained pain.
  • Isabel is scheduled for blood tests
  • Linda is struggling and is not responding to dialysis well. She has lost 30 pounds. 
  • Destination Church
  • Ashtyn is teething. 
  • Rose is working a lot of hours and it is very difficult for her and Skylar
  • Heather potentially leading small group

What's Cookin'?

  • Cheese Grits - The Starnes'
  • Cheese Quiche - The Ozee's
Please let us know what you plan to bring.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Session Four

Schedule Change!
We will not meet this Friday, March 29th, but will meet on April 5th.  We will cover session four at that time.
  • Isabel's chest pains are greatly reduced.  Tests will be coming in April
  • Successful spaghetti dinner
  • Ozee's visiting a church for the second time.
  • Douglas made it to the next level in math competition and has been recommended for SAGE
  • Stephanie got the jobs!  Full time at Nissan in Union City and then working for the restaurant Mystic Grill on the weekends
  • Heather had a great time sketching but said no to goign to Buddhist temple for statue sketches.
Prayer Requests:
  • Ashton continues to have stomach issues
  • Tiffany's abdominal pain
  • Chrisha's job situation
  • Nicaragua Mission Trip
What's Cookin?
Finger Foods
  • Veggie Tray - The Israel's
  • Turkey Sloppy Joe Sliders - The Salter's
  • Chicken Nuggets - The Starnes'
  • Dessert - Candi
What are you bringing?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Session Three and Pizza

Thanks to everyone for their help last week with the Nicaragua Mission Spaghetti Dinner.  It was a successful fund raiser.  Please continue to pray for the mission trip.
We are back at the Starnes' this week to cover Session Three, The Corner Office. 
What's Cookin'
  • Everyone:  Bring a pizza to share with the group but enough to cover your family plus a little extra.
  • Salters:  April can you make a salad?
  • Stephanie:  Can you do a dessert?
Have a great week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Session Two and Finger Foods

This week we will be covering session two entitled Current Economic Indicators.  Please remember to try to pick one day in which you approach your job as if you are working for the Lord.
  • Stephanie got a new job and into her pre-pregnancy jeans.
  • Ashtyn got through her shots and cut two teeth last week. 
  • April slept through the night.
  • Susan got to spend time with one of her best friends this week.
  • Susan's friend and her boyfriend came to church and liked it.
  • Candi's husband watched a Perry Noble sermon.
  • Susan got four jobs this week.
  • Brian's Mom started her dialysis and is doing good.
  • Leigh (Mark's cousin) got the results from her lumpectomy and they are clear.
Prayer Requests:
  • Destiny (Chrisha's friend) with Lupus and her cancer has returned.
  • Tiffany's Mom and Dad have had several financial issues hit them...  appliances failing and a tree fell on their house.
  • Stephanie's Aunt Shirley passed away.  Please keep the entire family in your prayers as they lay her to rest this week.
  • Rose is having back pain.
  • Chrisha is truly struggling at work and needs the Lord to move her forward to a new job.
  • Ashley has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for healing.
  • Isabel is on a heart monitor for 30 day testing and is also now suffering with bad headaches.
  • Please continue to pray for the mission trip to Nicaragua.
  • Please pray for Rhonda Siedlinger as she undergoes surgery.
What's Cookin'?
Finger Foods
The Israel's are bringing a veggie tray.
The Salter's are bringing chicken fingers.
The Starnes' are bringing a beefy rotel cheese dip and chips.
Please let us know what you plan to bring.