Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finger Food & Holiday Talk

Hi Friends,
This week we're doing finger foods. So bring your favorite appetizers, h'orderves or desert. And don't forget.. we like to eat! So bring plenty :)

We're another week deeper in our Bible study and I hope you're all getting as much out of this one as I am.

Prayer Requests:
Snuffy continued healing on his sinuses and cold
Destiny health and help
Betty Bryan as she deals with loss and travel/ Let's pray for good health for her during this time.
Chrisha as she explores some exciting opportunities
Rose to feel much better and be back with us this week!
and there may be a few I need to add... will latter today.

This week we need to discuss our holiday party as well as having our OCC boxes ready for shipping.

The Starnes Group