Monday, April 30, 2012

Wrapping up BIble 101

A message from Tiffany:

I want to thank you all for your commitment and participation through a not so interesting study. I worked hard to try to make it educational and hope you took something away to help you know how to study your bible better and know what it means to you and the message within.

  • Heather's Papaw is doing well after pacemaker surgery.
  • Chrisha is here!
  • Mark and Chrisha were able to settle with the insurance company to have equity in the totaled car.
  • Ruth is feeling better.
  • Leon is getting re-baptized.
  • CRCT is over!
Prayer Requests:
  • Stephanie's brother, Travis, is up for parole.  Pray for his hearing to go well and him to be released.
  • A friend of Valerie's had to rush her baby to the hospital.
  • Financial wisdom for the Israel's as they purchase a new car.
  • Michelle needs prayers of strength.
  • Heather has an unspoken request so please pray for her.
  • Heather's Papaw to continue to heal with his new pacemaker.
  • Please pray for Skylar as she is struggling with bronchitis.
  • Vacation Bible School sign ups start this week.
  • Connect Groups sign up begins on May 6th.
  • Don't forget to keep your eye open for updates for the wheelchair breakfast Saturday, June 2.
  • Vacation Bible School is June 4-8.
Enjoy your month off and we hope to see you again in June as Mark Israel ventures where he has never gone before as our fearless leader.

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