Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mexican Night for the Final Week

As I get the pleasure of being the blogger for the Starnes Group, I want to personally thank you for all your prayers, calls, emails, facebook posts, and so on throughout the weekend.  I am trully blessed beyond measure as God wrapped His protective arms around me to keep me safe.  I really appreciate all each of you did.  Thank you!  Praise be to God that I am safe, sound and unharmed!

Prayer Requests:
  • Michelle's Mom is stressed from taking care of her mom (Michelle's grandmother).  Michelle's grandmother needs to be in a facility where she can get this care.  The family is looking into options so please pray as they go through this time.
  • Stephanie's baby girl, Ashtyn, is 21 weeks now.  Please pray she continues to grow and she and Stephanie remain healthy.
  • Michelle, Mark and Cindy need our prayers as they continue through their stress.
  • Mark and Chrisha need prayers as they work with insurance companies, car dealers, etc. to replace Chrisha's car. 

What's Cookin'
Mexican Fiesta Night

Rose - Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese
Starnes' - Taco Beef, Beans, Chicken
Ozee's - Fruit Salad
Chastain's - Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pico
Israel's - Soft and Hard shells
Stephanie - Tortilla Chips
Ruth - Dessert
Salters - Guacamole, Quesidillas


  1. Hey..:-) I love mexican night..:-) since I'm bringing chips would you like me to bring some cheese dip or something aswell?:-)

  2. Stephanie, that sounds awesome! Thanks!

  3. You are very welcome I will see y'all tomorrow night.:-)