Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keys to the Treasure Map and Shepherd's Pie!

This week we will continue our Bible Study 101 where we will learn the keys to the treasure map in Chapter 5.

There were lots of praises on Friday evening which I didn't write down, so please forgive your guest blogger this week.  I'll make sure to get them all next week.  SOME of them were:

  • April's new job.
  • Douglas winning Challenge 24 and going to the County Mathlete competition.  (I understand he did really well while not making it to the semi-finals, he did awesome!  Way to go, Douglas!)

Prayer Requests
  • Heather requeted prayer for time management as she has so much on her plate with the book illustrations due soon.
  • Heather's great aunt's health
  • Angie, Rose’s step mother needs prayer for a variety of health issues as well as peace over recent financial struggles.
  • Tiffany's Mom suffered another TIA, so please pray for her health
  • April asked for prayer for her cousin, Sonya.  She now has a third blood clot in her leg, ashy skin, her hands are drawn up, and her kidneys are failing.  The family is in denial of her health and needs prayer for guidance and direction.
  • Mark Chastin asked for prayer as he has big bosses coming in at work this week and he wants that to go well.  He also asked for prayer on his overall work plan for the future.
  • Mark Chastin's father is having some heart problems so please pray for his health to be restored.
  • Michelle is at Tres Dias and Mark would like for us to pray it goes well.
  • Mark Israel needs prayer to get through this pending deadline at work so he can return to his family life.
  • Stephanie and her husband are traveling so please pray for good traveling graces.
  • Rose has a co-worker whose family has some health problems.  Please pray for restored health.
  • Mark Chastain also asked for prayer for strenght and insight.

What's Cookin' Friday Night?

Shepherd's Pie - Heather
Chicken Dish - April
Mac N Cheese - Chrisha
Cabbage - Tiffany
Potatoes - Ruth
Garden Salad and Bread - Mark
Dessert - Rose
Creamer - Stephanie (can you please get some we are really low)


  1. The Chastains will bring garden salad. We are sans children this week so it will just be the two of us.

  2. yes ma'am I can bring creamer. Is there anything else that I can bring though? Also is there any particular kind everyone like or can I just grab whatever...:D See y'all tomorrow night!

  3. Smiths are bringing lots of sweet tea. Brownies and some fresh fruit.