Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deli Night and More Keys

We will continue to dive deeper into the Keys to our Treasure Map on Friday night in Bible Study 101.  Don't forget to read Chapter 6.

Praise God for the following:
  • Mark Israel is finally done with the submittal he has been working on!
  • Snuffy has been without a boss for a few days!
  • Rose is done with school and aced her test!
  • Stephanie is back from travels!
  • Michelle had a fabulous time at Tres Dias!
  • Mark Chastain has a potential job offer from the company who bought out his firm!
  • Isabel's body produced the natural antibodies to fight off the bee sting she received!
Prayer Requests:
  • April's cousin, Sonya, is still in need of prayer as she battles cancer.
  • Please pray for Valerie as she is ill.
  • Michelle's grandmother fell.  Her family is caring for her; however, Michelle is requesting prayer that she goes to a nursing home to take the strain off of her Mother.
  • Mark Chastain asks for prayer for his job.
  • Mark Israel's uncle, John, passed away.  Please keep his Aunt Nancy in your prayers as she grieves her husband's death.
  • Mark and Michelle are attending a marriage conference next weekend.  Please pray for them as they travel and learn more about their Christian marriage.
  • Cheryl asks for prayers of focus as she continues to job hunt.
  • Rose is continuing to be plagued by back problems so please pray for healing.
What's Cookin' Friday Night

It's deli night, so come ready for a good sandwich!

Turkey and Ham - April
Roast Beef - Cheryl
Chicken Salad and Dessert - Stephanie
Pasta Salad and Condiments - Tiffany
Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickels, - Ruth
Bread - Rose
Chips - Chrisha
Cheese - Heather can you pick up a couple of kinds?

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