Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We're Back

Hi Friends,
We all have missed each other greatly and are so pleased to be back for another great series.
Be sure to welcome our new group members and take some time to get to know them. We always get lucky with the best people ;)

Prayer requests for the week:

Valerie for heeling
Angie for leg surgery (Rose's step mom
Stephanie's customer in healing and hope
Cheryl's daughter Amber in healing from sinus
Cheryl for an amazing job that full fills her using her God given Gifts
April in her Big Decision
Mary Prather Broken Elbow and Collar bone

This Fridays Meal Plans:
Chrisha chicken enchiladas
April will do beef & turkey enchiladas
Tiffany chips, salsa, sour cream, & refried beans
Ozee Spanish Rice

We Need:
lettuce, tomatoes &shredded cheese
maybe soft shells if a kid wants a taco instead
coffee creamer

Be sure to be thinking about what volunteer/out reach we might want to get involved with as a group.

Have a fantastic Valentine's Day,
The Starnes Group


  1. Thanks Heather!

    I hope I do this right, I have never blogged before. :) But I would love to bring a dessert this week, I can either do homemade pecan pie or I can do an oreo dirt cake (taste better then it sounds).

    And I guess just let me know when we are going to do an Italian night, I would love to make my grandma's homemade spaghetti sauce (so yummy).

    I look forward to seeing everyone on Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day as well! :D

    Stephanie Williams

    1. Yum! Either dessert sounds good to me. Pick your favorite.
      And now I can't wait for Italian night to roll around :)

  2. I will bring the lettuce, tomatoes &shredded cheese and
    Sweet Tea
    Banana Cream Pie (cleaning our freezer)