Monday, February 27, 2012

Chili Night

Please review the Atlanta Passages Exhibit website so a decision can be made about going as a group.

Read Chapter 3 of the Bible 101 book. (It is a very short chapter.)


Prayer Requests:

· So thankful for the safe return for the Haiti Mission Trip Group.

· Rose’s back

· Valerie as she starts on medication this week and for healing.

· Michelle for healing of the flu/cold she has been plagued with.

· Mark C. work related stress.

· Mark I. safe travels this week.

· Chrisha to handle the house and kids while Mark is traveling.

· Stephanie’s baby to continue to have healthy growth.

· Rose to find a good affordable school for Skylar.

· April to fill two teacher positions.

· April’s big decision part two.

· Cheryl to be lead to the job God is sending her.

· Snuffy for healing of his back.

· Sonya, April’s cousin: in 2011 she has survived two different cancers. Now she has a third cancer, a blood clot in her lungs, a blood clot in her heart and internal bleeding from where the cancer has eaten her insides. This morning the doctor said there is nothing else they can do for her but make her comfortable. She has three kids, 13,11, and 9. Keep her and her family in our prayers.


What’s Cookin’?

It’s a Chili Cook Off this week:

Chicken Chili – Ruth

Beef Chili & Tea – Cheryl

Crackers – April

Cornbread – Heather

Dessert – Stephanie


Sour Cream


Rose - cheese, onions and jalepenos

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