Monday, April 15, 2013


Rerun?  What?  Yes, we are going to rerun Session Five this week.  It sparked a lot of great conversation and we had some folks out so we want to make sure we all get to hear Session Five.

Prayer Requests:
  • Valerie - healing after surgery
  • April is not well.  Please pray for her to feel better.
  • David and Stephanie- traveling graces to get back home safely
  • Jacob Holly- moving out and to establish himself well complete with finding a church home
  • Isabel - follow up on no clarity for chest pains and headaches
  • CRCT for our kids next two weeks
  • Nicaragua trip and funding
  • Paula- development of relationship with Jesus
  • Heather said PRAISE GOD
  • Ashley Hester- pray for healing for cancer
  • Karla Wagner- Brad’s family after the death of sister
  • Chrisha's job
What's Cookin'?
Veggie and Meat Lasagna - The Israel's
Brownies - The Salter's
Garlic Bread - The Ozee's

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